María Faciolince is a researcher and photographer with far-reaching roots. A blood daughter of Colombia, she was born in Curaçao, grew up in Uruguay and The Netherlands, and has lived in the UK and Honduras since then. Currently she is based in Barcelona.

Maria has an M.A. in Psychology and Social Anthropology from the University of St Andrews, and recently completed an MSc in Anthropology and Development from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). 

Previously, she has worked as a photo editor for an independent newspaper and magazine in Scotland, has taken photographs for various organisations (UNICEF, Stratus Prep, War on Want, Royal Anthropological Institute, Progressio, Heart for Art Institute, Observatorio ADPI), has had her work published in a range of publications (Yahoo Brasil, The Ecologist, Agência Plano, ConSentido, UP, The Saint newspaper, St.Art, Stereoscope) and has exhibited her work in Amsterdam, London and Barcelona.


The images we see define the world we imagine. The pictures that inundate our daily lives are loud and tragic. These mislead our gaze from the intimate everyday lives that truly define humanity. As an anthropologist by training, Maria approaches photography with an ethnographic gaze. Her view focuses on ‘being’ in the world: people’s relations with the self, with each other, and with an environment that is vibrant and alive.

To her, photography is a bridge to sidestep the dangers of academic and professional detachment from the human story. Her experiences as an NGO worker and as an academic researcher on Latin America's marginalized populations have made her deeply sensitive to the weight of images and the responsibilities of representation. In seeing photo-taking as an encounter, Maria hopes to displace stereotypes with sensitivity. 

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Twitter + Instagram || @maria_fm
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